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What is the main foundation of web development?

We designate the term web development by the generic term which aims to amplify the writing process of a website. In general, pages are written in CSS,  JavaScript, or HTML. The scriptures can be graphs similar to a file, going to simple texts. It should be noted that it is more difficult to develop conversational server pages. However, they ensure the creation of richer and above all well-filled betting websites.

Nowadays, an interactive site even offers online services: social networks, shopping carts, or dynamic visualizations. Like everything, web development must also go through several stages. More specifically, the writing process is developed in 8 steps. Each stage has its own importance. So, none should be overlooked. First, there is what is called the website brief or specification. In this case, the use of certain tools like word, excel,  PowerPoint and Xmind are imperative. In order to be able to write the best specifications, it is essential to draw inspiration from the competition such as the bookmark, the images, the marketing strategy, or even the articles written.

Web development and site creation

Files are the raw materials of a website. These are made up of texts like numbers and letters. Which gives files as raw material and texts as a component. A digital platform is thus made up of numerous numbers, letters, and more texts. These are organized in order to have as a result a digital representation of quality and above all very coherent. When creating a Paris website, we use programming languages ​​to transform texts into representation. Among them, HTML, Java, PHP, and javascript are the most used.

The HTML or “ HyperText Markup Language” or tag language for hypertext is used for example to create the content of a page. In addition, it allows you to insert graphics or images. Java script is a language particularly focused on objects, which makes it a light script. Its main function is to program different imperative programming paradigms. The latter is different from Java, which is none other than an Oracle brand. To function properly, a system must be reliable, intelligent, objective, logical, and rational. It is also important that he can live and evolve with other systems, and that these systems can live with him as well.
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