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Choodalani Vundi is among the most readily useful Telugu movies. Revealed at 1998, the story revolves all-around Ramakrishna, one mechanic that love Priya and also operates away with her. They become located in one jungle making use of their son or daughter nonetheless Priya's father kidnaps the lady and in the fight, their child loses their sound. The movie had been directed by Gunasekhar and also became the highest gross receiving movie concerning Telugu television movies at 199.
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Born in one orphanage furthermore brought up by just his strict instructor, Siddhanth is your sub inspector in Bombay police who's regarding the objective to safeguard Shanti, one eyewitness towards your crime. This displeases the higher officials in addition they opt to instruct him your lesson what eventually results in your grave tragedy. The movie ended up being directed by just Ravi Raja Pinisetty furthermore ended up being a large strike of the year 199.