Things to pay attention to when decorating the apartment for the wedding
If you are in the process of busy and difficult to be able to decorate your apartment on the wedding day is more beautiful and wonderful than ever. You can refer to the note when decorating the apartment for the wedding through the following article of Viet My Fresh Flower Shop!
The decoration for your apartment on a big day like the wedding day will not be really too difficult and you can completely do it if you grasp the basic factors as follows:
Apartment size saving: usually most apartments have an area not too large, without a garden or gate, so when decorating you should choose furniture, tables and chairs, decorative materials. The decoration has harmonious colors with the house and prioritizes bright and elegant colors because then the house will become more airy. In addition, the utensils and decorations should not be too much and must be not too isolated colors, must be in perfect harmony with the whole to cheat the width of the house. Besides, the stage department should not occupy too much area but just enough for people to interact with the bride and groom. At the same time, the decorative flowers should also choose flowers with the right color, the color is not too dark, showy and the flower is not too large. apartments, you should choose rectangular tables and chairs connected together to form one, two or three rows depending on the area of ​​the house as well as the number of guests invited. You should not use a round table because it takes up a lot of space and connecting the tables together can create unnecessary gaps, making the house appear smaller.
Simple but luxurious: although the design and decoration are in order to be simple and save space, it is also highly appreciated the aesthetics and sophistication of the utensils and the layout to be able to exude. Get the luxurious, solemn and cozy beauty of a wedding ceremony.

When decorating, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of unnecessary decorations, but must ensure all parts, procedures, seating of parents, relatives, from any angle of the house are also You can observe everything happening at the party without being interrupted. Besides, the decorator must also pay attention to buy things such as matching cream cakes, not too big and not too small, flower to table to be elegant, not too bulky and not to put items on the table. Back to everyone enjoying the party.Another noteworthy point is the wedding gate, if normally for other houses, the wedding gate with the word vu often placed in front of the gate to welcome people. But for this type of apartment, the welcome gate is also equipped but not too bulky, reducing flowers, decorative motifs on the welcome gate, welcome gate should be placed neatly in front of the apartment. most calendar.
  • The above is extremely interesting information about the note for apartment decoration on wedding occasion that you can refer to. You and your partner should decorate your home together to prepare for such important and meaningful wedding day.

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