Milwaukee home health care

Our company hopes to link any individual who is looking for an alternative to the usual day programming with supported community employment. Inrex is also committed to helping those who have been turned down by other programs due to circumstances beyond their control.

We are committed to assisting and training idividuals for jobs within the community. We strive to assist individual in developing the necessary skills required to be job ready. Through our collaboration with local businesses we are able to offer individuals quality Milwaukee home health care services for local patients.

Vocational habilitation is also offered to provide basic living skills at the dayhab for individuals in addition to an interactive community where individuals can mingle and make friends. Fun activities throughout the day give individuals a chance to enjoy themselves and keep themselves both physically and mentally engaged throughout the day. In order to ensure that individuals can continue to live a healthy life we assist in developing healthy living skills such as healthy cooking. Our unique alternative to an adult day support enables us to offer non-competitive sports, character building activities, healthy options and excercise.

What is meant by the words, ‘New Adult Day Services’?

Adult day services will be available for adults enrolled on Individual Options and Level One Medicaid waivers administered by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). The newservices include Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, Supported Employment, and Non-Medical Transportation.

How would you describe these services?

Adult Day Support services are provided separate from any home or facility in which an individual resides, focus on non-work activities, and include five components:

Assessment — may be formal or informal, for the purpose of developing an Individual  ServicePlan (ISP).
Personal care — includes personal hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, toileting, and dressing.
Skill reinforcement — includes implementing behavioral intervention plans, and help with the useof communication and mobility devices.
Training in self-determination — includes developing self-advocacy skills and acquiring skills thatenable an individual to become more independent
Recreation and leisure — includes supports identified in the ISP that are therapeutic, and help todevelop and maintain social relationships and family contacts.

Vocational Habilitation services teach and reinforce concepts related to work such as:

Task completion
Problem solving

Supported Employment services are intensive, ongoing supports that help people to perform work in a regular employment setting, including self-employment. Supported Employment does not include shelteredwork or other vocational services furnished in specialized facilities.

There are two types of Supported Employment services:

Enclave — provided to individuals who work as a team at a single work-site (community businessor industry) with ongoing support provided by on-site staff
Community — provided to individuals who work in an integrated community work setting, alongside employees without disabilities, and performing same or similar tasks
Non-Medical Transportation includes transportation services necessary for an individual to participate in Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, and Supported Employment, as specified in an Individual Service Plan (ISP).