Metallic pallet racks are used for storage of goods on pallets using a forklift. These storage racks meet all the requirements of modern systems of warehousing. The pallet racking warehouse additionally can be equipped with all kinds of decks. Main advantages: high capacity, reliability, wide range of loads and options. Optimal use of the useful area of Your warehouse and volume, you will help our pallet racking warehouse front-end loading or metal shelving warehouse for pallets. The pallet racks front most commonly used for warehousing and storage of goods on pallets when the equipment distribution centers, logistics distribution centers, warehouse complexes, warehouses, hypermarkets, etc., Metal pallet racks are characterized by simple structure, high bearing capacity and low cost-per palato-space in comparison with other kinds of metal racks.

The used pallet racks in Milwaukee will allow you to store the same type and combination of goods on pallets, sort goods, to have a visual representation of the presence and quantity of cargo, maintain operational records of cargo, using coded locations to quickly make alterations to warehouse depending on needs, to provide warehousing and storage of goods in a small warehouse, and large warehouse complex, to use a variety of warehouse equipment and to have quick and easy access to any cargo that allows you to have a high turnover of stock, due to the use of beams with hooks hooks reinstall beams to the desired height depending on the height of the pallet. And it would not require the availability of qualified specialists and special tools. It's simple: picked up and moved.

Shelving pallet of metal consist of:

two vertically mounted frames, each of which represents two vertical racks special profile with perforation, interconnected by horizontal and diagonal bracing increases the rigidity of the structure;
thrust bearings located at the bottom of each rack;
horizontal cargo beams (two on each level), the fastening elements are vertical frames are made in the form of hooks with hooks welded to the ends of beams.