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At pullingladies.com/dating the login authentication has changed to allow you to connect with your gmail, yahoo, twitter or facebook accounts.

This means you don’t actually have to register but simply allow access via the front page. There are a number of profile fields which you can edit once you sign up to better express yourself.

Simply hold down the CTRL key to select multiple hobbies and interests. Be ready to answer questions such as:

dating profile edit

Do you smoke?

Would you date someone that smoked?

Do you have kids?

Would you date someone who had kids?

Many singles that have not signed up to a dating site before have to think for a few minutes before answering many of these types of questions.

You may have never thought about whether you want kids or not… thats find just leave the question blank or select N/A

Questions such as – would you date someone that smoked? Are useful because they allow you to let other members know that you’re not open to anyone that does smoke.

Filters in your profile allow you to limit the number of emails that you DONT want.

A few seconds thinking about your profile can save you a lot of time in the future.

At present pullingladies.com/dating does not have the ability to reject members who are seeking different types of relationships.

Within plentyoffish.com you are able to filter out singles that are looking for casual encounters by not allowing them to email you. This saves your time and clears out your inbox .

When you register you will want to go and edit your profile: There are not to many fields to fill out and with the multiple check box selector it only takes 2 minutes.